Peru SHG - Unroasted

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This coffee was created as part of exporter Coinca’s “Cajamarca Selecto” program, which selects and directly purchases parchment from cooperatives based on factors considered to contribute to a top-quality cup. These include:

• coffees grown in zones identified to provide excellent natural conditions;
• good plant varieties;
• the best on-farm practices before and after the harvest (collecting only ripe cherry, full fermentation, good washing practice, sun drying);
• working in areas where producers receive a financial reward for excellent practices.

The result is large, bold beans with a green and light-blue color, a medium acidity, strong body, and sweet chocolate, citric and floral notes.

The towns where we regularly find these conditions are Churuyacu, San Ignacio, Huaquillo, La Coipa, Chirinos, Palo Blanco and Rodriguez de Mendoza.


Region: Cajamarca

Altitude: 1800 meter or higher

Arabica variety: Typica, Caturra, Castillo, Gran Colombia, Catimor

Process: Washed and sun-dried

Cupping notes: Citrus notes, bright acidity, medium body. Sweet, clean and consistent. 

Important: This coffee is raw green coffee. Customer needs to roast before grinding and brewing.