Honduras SHG E/P - Unroasted

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San Vicente, who began exporting coffee in 2001, was started by Fidel Paz and is the culmination of the life long dream of his father, Cantalicio Paz. Since then the coffees grown in the area of Santa Barbara have become world famous for their quality. The exceptional nature of these coffees can be attributed to fertile volcanic soil, the microclimate caused by Lake Yojoa at the base of the mountain, and the meticulous nature of the people in charge of quality control at San Vicente. Not only just an exporter, they also assist over 1,500 producers with planting, processing, and curating specialty lots, and this strong relationship based on trust, hard work, and passion for coffee shows in the cup.

Hondurus San Vicente Green Coffee

Region: Santa Barbara

Altitude: 800-1524 meters

Fully washed

Drying: Sun dried and mechanically dried

Suggested roasting: Medium

Test profile:Dark chocolate with notes of almond

Important: This coffee is raw green coffee. Customer needs to roast before grinding and brewing.